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Best of The Gazette, Aug. 19: Speeders, strikers and the road construction game

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Andrew Reuter
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Gazette publishes a lot of news in a week. Combine that with all the distractions a weekend brings, and that means there's a good chance you might have missed some important stories. Here's a look at of some of The Gazette's best content from the last week or so:


Janesville speeding ticket numbers hit 13-year low

Janesville police made fewer speeding arrests last year than in any of the past 13 years, the department's annual reports show. Fewer officers, new software and statistical anomalies could all be to blame. But Police Chief Dave Moore rejected the suggestion that it might be easier now to get away with speeding. “If a citizen violates traffic laws, they do so at their own risk,” Moore said.

State looking for ways to pay for Interstate 90/39 expansion

While local eyes recently watched Washington wrangle over a national transportation budget, the critical decisions that will keep the Interstate 90/39 expansion project on financial track will be made in Madison. That's because the state often pays for the majority of the costs of its big highway construction projects. Yet federal funding is still important. Here's a look at how we'll pay for the coming I-90/39 project.


America's pastime: Baseball once a gentleman's game

Mike VanderBunt of Williams Bay will tell you that early baseball had little in common with the game played at Miller Park. He is a member of the Eagle Diamonds, a vintage baseball team from Old World Wisconsin. “You can think of us as part of the museum,” VanderBunt said. Learn more and see the gentlemen in action in this story and video from columnist Anna Marie Lux.

Ted Peck: Hunting season nears, but anglers still active

Within weeks, we will enter the fields with guns again, seeking both mourning doves and Canada geese. After all, summer didn't really arrive until shortly after Independence Day, Outdoors columnist Ted Peck writes. Seasonal change will eventually occur. Just when and how severe the change will be has mixed indicators in the natural world.


Our Views: New retirement policy at Janesville City Hall is troubling

Janesville City Hall has enacted a rule requesting that all employees give the administration a one-year head's up before retiring. Though the new policy isn't binding, what might happen to a worker who announces plans to retire in two weeks? Might that person be reprimanded or fired? This is a bad policy, The Gazette Editorial Board writes.

Our Views: Blackhawk Technical College faces uncertainty after referendum failure

Blackhawk Technical College could use more money. In hindsight, however, the Aug. 12 referendum was an overreach. Asking voters to approve expanding the college's property tax base by $4 million with no sunset was too much for too long, The Gazette Editorial Board writes.


Stage craftsman: Jeff Daniels to perform in Stoughton

Actor Jeff Daniels is a well-known commodity in film, on stage and on TV. But he also plays guitar, and he'll demonstrate that aspect of his talent Saturday, Aug. 23, at the Stoughton Opera House. In a telephone interview, Daniels said he's excited about opening another creative chapter.

Bill Livick: Madison's Sardine a pricey but tasty treat

Looking for a nice place to eat on a special occasion? Restaurant reviewer Bill Livick has found it. Sardine, the Mediterranean-inspired restaurant on Williamson Street in Madison, has been lauded for its fine food and ambiance since opening in 2006.


Janice Peterson: When it comes to planting, are you a planner or a plopper?

There are two kinds of gardeners, community blogger Janice Peterson writes. Planners create a well thought-out design and execute according to plans. Ploppers randomly throw plants in the ground. What kind are you?

Greg Peck: Where did all the mosquitoes go?

It's amazing how fickle Mother Nature can be, Opinion Editor Greg Peck writes. Swarms of mosquitoes greeted him during two trips up north in June. But not so last weekend.

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