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Greg Peck: Rabbits running rampant in Janesville

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Greg Peck
July 14, 2014

I recall wondering if the harsh winter weather took a toll on Janesville's rabbit population because I saw few around in early spring.

That's no longer the case. Those bunnies have been—how shall we put it—getting busy since then.

On our early-morning mile-long dog walk today, Molly and I spotted eight bunnies around our east-side neighborhood. Several little ones looked like they probably were born this year. Molly, reflecting a cairn terrier's instincts, would love to chase those rabbits, but they don't wind her up like squirrels do. If Molly could climb a tree or a power pole, she'd still be chasing one of those bushy-tailed rodents.

When Cheryl and I planted our small plot of tomatoes and pepper plants this spring, something kept pulling one pepper plant out of the ground. A rabbit? A possum? A squirrel? A raccoon? Who knows?

Finally, Cheryl placed little wire cages over the pepper plants to give them chances to grow. They're coming along slowly, while our tomato plants are doing better.

Looking back, the bet here is that it was a bunny tugging at those tender pepper leaves.

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