Using alternative allergy treaments

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Ian Gronau | June 29, 2014

BURLINGTON-- For some, the allergy season is ending. For others, the suffering will last for a few more months, if not through the rest of the year.

Most allergy sufferers, whether seasonal or year-round, eventually settle on their own personal methods of dealing with their symptoms. That might include allergy shots, regular medication or a host of other options.

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But some sneezers and snifflers have found successful alternatives to traditional medications and treatments.

Dr. Bradley Reich of Reich Chiropractic Clinic in South Beloit feels strongly that chiropractic care offers far more than just relief from back pain.

Reich says that he's seen significant improvement in the allergy and asthma symptoms of his patients after chiropractic treatments.

"Allergies are basically a response to a stimulus that can't be handled," Reich said. "Restoring nerve function to certain parts of the body and spine will stimulate the immune system. Your eyes, throat, sinuses and nose all are controlled from the back. If we jump-start that area of the body, the immune system will respond accordingly and bring that area of the body back to balance."

Reich says much of the allergic response is tied to a malfunctioning adrenal gland, and that by correcting and balancing the body, it can help manage symptoms.

"Your adrenal gland helps you control your inflammatory process in the body; allergies are usually due to excessive inflammation," Reich said. "If your adrenals are working properly you can handle allergies."

Although many allergies are inborn, Reich said early chiropractic care can help children fully grow out of their symptoms. Once a month at his clinic he runs a discounted rate for children, $5 per adjustment, to help illustrate the benefits of his treatment.

The benefits of trying chiropractic care over more conventional methods of allergy treatment are simple according to Reich.

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