Teaching a new generation about the Ice Age Trail

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Russ Helwig | June 25, 2014

Five of us walked around Lake LaGrange on a hot afternoon in the mid-80s last week Tuesday.  It turned out to be a pleasant hike and I did not even have to use DEET for mosquitoes until we entered the woods after turning off the Ice Age Trail on the path back to Highway 12. Just a little spray on the back of neck and back kept the critters away.

Many birds serenaded us as we walked and we saw many plants budding.  One was spiderwort, which is sprinkled throughout the prairie which in a few days should turn into beautiful blue blooms during the morning hours.

Six of us arrived during a rain storm last week Wednesday. There was some distant thunder so we debated whether or not we should hike. It looked like the sky to the west was lighter in color so decided that the rain may diminish. Along with confirmation from the radar on a mobile phone app we decided to go to the Nordic Trail to hike the two and a half mile orange trail.

This turned out to be just the right hike for this day. As we hiked the rain dissipated and I unzipped my rain gear for the remainder of the hike.

We stopped a while for a nice view over a kettle lake after a mile and a half into the hike. The outside of our shoes and pants cuffs got wet, but otherwise we were dry and I did not need mosquito protection although we were occasionally buzzed by flies.

Cinquefoil, red clover, white clover, yellow hawkweed, and yellow sweet clover dominated the flowers along the trail. 

Afterwards it was a trip to the LaGrange General Store for good food and friendly conversation.

Mammoth Hunt:

The hikes this week and the accompanying report were short and I did not take photos.  However, on June 11 Barb Converse, Judy Wildermuth, and a couple other volunteers went to the Burlington Public Library to talk to 75 youngsters and their parents about the Ice Age Trail and the Ice Age. There they also conducted a Mammoth hunt to find Monty the wooly mammoth. Judy sent me some photos of the event so I am including a few with this report.  Thank you Judy!

Everyone at the event appeared to have a great time although the number of participants was much larger than desirable. The Walworth/Jefferson County Chapter of the Ice Age Trail Alliance holds several of these events throughout the year.

Happy Trekking,


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