Water temps still cool, but fishing is heating up

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Dave Duwe | June 10, 2014

Geneva Lake 6/9/14 through 6/15/14

Geneva Lake fishing has been really good overall. It's a great time to take young kids fishing as the rock bass bite is almost constant. Both the largemouth and smallmouth bass are active as well. With the cooler than normal water temperatures, the pleasure boat traffic is still relatively light as well.

Walleye fishing remains on the slow side, however last Saturday someone caught a 28-inch fish on a crankbait in 10 feet of water.  I've spoken to several people who have been out at night and the success has been limited.  Once the water temperature increases to about 75 degrees, the bite will warm up as well.

Rock bass remain everywhere in the 10- to 12-foot depth range. They will aggressively bite anything thrown at them.  I use leaf worms or a split shot rigged night crawlers. My bigger rock bass have come by Elgin Club or Big Foot Beach. 

Smallmouth bass are in some stage of spawning, but they are readily chasing lures. I'm catching them on white hair jigs and split shot rigged night crawlers. Once I catch one, there are usually several others in the area. There have been a lot of fish chasing the hooked fish back to the boat. Look for them east of the Elgin Club and Belvidere Park in Fontana.  My largest fish last week was 19 inches.

Largemouth bass are about one week away from their heavy spawn, however they are starting to show up on every guide trip. The best approach is a Wacky rigged Senko or a green pumpkin jig worm. Split shot rigged night crawlers work as well. The largemouth I've been catching are mixed in with the smallmouth near their spawning flats. I haven't focused on them exclusively yet, but I will in a week or two.

Lake trout are still active in the main lake basin. They are still tight to the bottom, over 100 feet down in 114-120 feet of water.  Nickel/blue and nickel/green spoons have been producing most of the fish. The trolling speed is 1.5 to 1.8 mph. 

Bluegills and sunfish have not spawned yet and are very pregnant.  The best concentration of fish has been in Geneva Bay or by the Military Academy. The bigger fish have been coming off of split shot rigged night crawlers in 10- to 12-feet of water.

Delavan Lake 6/9/14 through 6/15/14

This past week started fast and was excellent but by the end of the week, we had another lake fly hatch that slowed the bite immensely. That should dissipate by the early part of next week and then it will be back to good fishing.

Walleye fishing has started to pick up. Night anglers and even day time fishermen have been catching multiple fish on each trip. My presentation is  half  of a night crawler fished on a Bait Rigs weedmaster jig in green or chartreuse. The fish are located in 12-15 feet of water associating with the main lake points.  Night anglers are getting them on crankbaits and weed jigs tipped with leeches.

Largemouth bass can be caught in two different locations. They are still in the shallow 3- to 5-foot depth range and some of them are starting to migrate to the deep weed line.  I've had success in both locations last week. The shallow fish are readily hitting wacky rigged Senkos in green pumpkin and the deep weed line fish are hitting the split shot rigged night crawler or a Texas rigged plastic worm in black or purple.

Bluegill fishing remains fantastic.  Most of the fish are still in the 5- to 8-foot depth range for spawning.  The best location is west of Willow Point or down in Viewcrest Bay.  Concentrate on the sandy circular spots where the fish are spawning.  The best approach is a leaf worm fished beneath a slip bobber.  You need to position the bait about one foot above bottom.

Northern pike action has slowed a bit. The pike are transitioning from the shallow water bite to the deep weed line bite.  Look for them in 15 feet of water.  Use Thill slip bobbers with medium suckers for the most action. Look for the fish in Browns Channel or in Highlands Bay.

Smallmouth bass are starting to show up on the main lake points. Look for them by the yacht club, Willow Point and by the Village Supper Club. My best success has come off of split shot rigged night crawlers in 12-15 feet of water.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at (608) 883-2050.

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